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Certification Milestones

Partners looking to complete certifications to any of our APIs can expect to hit several milestones throughout the process. The Sales Engineering team and the Certification Engineering team will work with partners to reach these milestones as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Certification Milestones: 

  • General Integration Overview Kickoff Call
    • Sales Engineering team introductions
    • Sales Engineering team will cover the general overview of the APIs in being integrated
    • Documentation and Certification Test Scripts will be provided for review
  • Certification Technical Kickoff Call
    • Certification Engineering team introductions
    • Sales Engineering and Certification Engineering will walk a partner's developers through the technical details of the integration
    • Certification Engineering will walk through the certification test script 
  • Certification Test Script Submission
    • Partners must complete all tests marked required for the relevant API and hardware
    • Partners must complete the most recent test script uploaded to the documentation site
    • Previous scripts are only valid for one week after a new script has been uploaded so make sure to use the most up to date script
    • Failures or missing tests will be reported by the Certification Engineering team to the partner for resubmission
  • Implementation Review
    • Upon successful completion of the certification script, some APIs will require the scheduling of an implementation review with the Certification Engineering team
    • This review is an hour long web session to cover a few items that are not easily validated on the certification script. 
    • Information about the implementation review can be found here
    • Failures or incorrectly handled scenarios will be detailed on or after the call and can typically be validated without an additional call
  • Certification Finalization
    • Upon successful completion of certification test scripts or implementation reviews a certification letter is issued and the certification process is completed