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IP Restrictions

TSYS' products are presently only available in the North Amercian marketplace. As a security measure, we've restricted inbound traffic to IP addresses in the USA and Canada. If you attempt to access our services outside of these countries - or from known public VPNs - your traffic may be blocked.

We understand many of our partners have overseas development and testing teams who will need need access to our payment gateway. In these cases, we request that you submit the below form, which will send the request to our Partner Integration Team for processing.

This access is subject to a few qualifications:

  • We will whitelist only static IP addressess, to prevent repeat whitelist requests
  • A maximum of 3 IP addresses can be whitelisted per partner
  • The business must be a TSYS partner, or in our partner pipeline
If TSYS does not detect any activity from a whitelisted IP address over a reasonable period of time (eg. the previous 60 days), we may remove the IP address from our whitelist. If you require further access to our systems, please re-submit your request to the Partner Integration Team for reconsideration.
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