Genius Response Type

The ResponseType field that is sent back in the response message from a Genius transaction can contain a few different values.

Single: This is the response type for a standard transaction with no additional details or payment types. Single is returned when a transaction is completed using one payment method, and that payment method is not a complex method (see below). The most common is a standard full payment with a single credit card. 

Compound: Compound is the response type for transactions processed with complex payment methods. These payment methods contain additional information that is not sent back in the initial response from Genius. Complex payment methods include Gift and LevelUp among others. These payment methods could contain details that might not be relevant at the initial point of transaction, but might be requested. These details can be obtained by using the DetailsByTransportKey reporting call. 

Multi: Multi is the response type for transactions processed with multiple payment methods at the same time within Genius from one single request. In the event of a Multi response type, there will be additional details within the response to indicate the additional tokens and payment types that were used. Multi is currently unavailable in Genius but will be added at a future date.