Can my POS connect to Cayan's services using an IP address

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  • Can my POS connect to Cayan's services using an IP address
At Cayan, we use managed DNS services to provide global load balancing and data center redundancy. We publish our public IP addresses but we rely on DNS to make sure our customers are routed the to correct data centers at the correct times. Although it’s possible to use our public IP addresses directly, it would prevent us from managing uptime, balancing load, and supporting any network connectivity issues. Also, as we change ISPs (as we did in Q1 2017), ISVs and merchants may experience a loss of availability by circumventing DNS, as our IP addresses will change. We don’t recommend ISVs implement any custom load balancing or redundancy solutions but if you choose to, please be aware that we cannot assist or support you or your merchants in the design of such a system, nor in the operation thereof. Further, Cayan can make no guarantees around availability or uptime, as your solution would circumvent our global high availability system’s design.
Cayan is committed to providing the highest possible availability and best in class service. All of our systems are diverse, redundant, and highly available from our DNS providers to our ISPs, data centers, and every component and virtual machine within our data centers. We strongly believe that our mutual customers will benefit from your heeding the above guidance

For more details on Cayan's High Availability strategy, please see our blog post on How Cayan helps protect merchants from costly downtime.
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