Change History & Tracking

The following section provides information for any updates to the API and documentation.

Date Change details
2/12/2015 Added SSL requests.
12/02/2014 Added new request DeleteAllItems.
04/23/2014 Renamed Value to TypeValue.
Renamed TotalAmount to OrderTotal.
Renamed TotalTax to OrderTax.
04/14/2014 Renamed AddDiscount to DiscountItem to align with the rest of the method names.
Combined and renamed AddTaxAmount and SubtractTaxAmount to TaxAmount.
Removed DeleteDiscount method. Please use DeleteItem to delete items and discounts.
Updated UpdateItem method to support DisplayCustomSubTotal field.
Added 'Other' as a supported ExternalPaymentType for EndOrder method to account for miscellaneous payment types.
04/09/2014 Updated DeleteItem & DeleteDiscount methods to remove override display fields.
04/09/2014 Removed deprecated SubtractItem method. UpdateItem should be used instead.
03/27/2014 Initial version of the line item display documentation.